Part 1 – Contents

PART 1 : A Collection of Essays

Universalists on the Prairie

Jeremy J. Brigham



Prairie States (1830–1860)

Universalism From 1865–1900

Prairie States (1865–1900)

Turn of the Century

Early Twentieth Century on the Plains

The Withering—Why?


Women Ministers in the Prairie Star District

Carol Hepokoski

Humanism on the Plains

Alan L. Egly

Ever Onward and Upward:
A History of Religious Education in the Prairie Star District

Eleanor Morton

Religious Education and the Prairie Star District Organization


Devotional Literature from Plain and Prairie

Ronald Knapp

I. Introduction

II. Hymns for the Celebration of Life

III. The Blue Hymnal and the Red Hymnal: A Contrast

IV. Responsive Readings and Great Companions

V. The Western Conference and “Things Commonly Believed Among Us”

VI. Unity Hymns and Chorals

VII. Conclusion

VIII. Resources