Compensation Consultants are trained by the UUA to help congregations with staff compensation issues.

Please see the Compensation Consultants page on the MidAmerica Region site for current info.

Compensation Consultants...

  • assist congregations in the search process with putting together compensation packages to help attract the best candidates to ministerial positions
  • consult on how to handle candidate’s expectations
  • assist in establishing fair compensation practices to all congregational employees
  • consult about setting salary ranges
  • answer questions about staff compensation such as how to handle salary increases (or the lack of), self-employment tax for clergy, and housing allowance
  • can work with a congregation to review the personnel manual and policies including the issue of whether fulltime employees can be members of the congregation.

Prairie Star District had two Compensation Consultants. Their services were free to the congregations.

Northern Compensation Consultant: Louise Livesay, St. Paul, MN

Southern Compensation Consultant: Liz Bredeson, Des Moines, IA