Congregational Consultants

Congregational Consultants are selected and trained to assist member congregations in various areas of church organization, leadership development, building needs, conflict management, and programming. Costs are shared by the congregation and the District.

Contact the MidAmerica Region to arrange for the services of a Congregational Consultant.

UUA Stewardship Consultants

UUA Consultants are available to work with congregations for various stewardship needs, including consulting on capital campaigns for building projects. Fees are paid by the congregation.

Compensation Consultants

Compensation Consultants are trained by the UUA to help congregations with staff compensation issues. Services of the Compensation Consultants are funded by the District and the UUA.

PSD Compensaton Consultants were:

Liz Bredeson, Compensation Consultant, Des Moines, IA
Louise Livesay, Compensation Consultant, St. Paul, MN