PSD Resource Liaisons were trained, experienced, volunteer para-professionals who provided ongoing, regular consultation for congregations of under 200 members. Resource Liaisons were the first call for help or advice for these congregations.

The Resource Liaison program was discontinued as of April 2011.


The Resource Liaison Program serves the smaller congregations of Prairie Star District through ongoing, regular consultation with trained, experienced, volunteer paraprofessionals.

Goals of the Program

To strengthen local congregations (and congregations in formation) by offering experienced assistance and information about resourcesTo extend the work of the District Executive by involving others who can provide more frequent contact with congregations under 200 membersTo recruit, train, and equip a group of seven experienced lay leaders to serve as consultants in ongoing relationship to PSD congregations under 200 members.Major Responsibilities and Regular Activities

The Resource Liaisons:

Contact the leaders of each congregation (President, Minister if there is one, Religious Educator if there is one), at a minimum of three times per year.Visit congregations and societies in formation at least annually, and more often as the intensity of activity requires.Use phone, email, or correspondence to maintain effective support.

The Resource Liaisons assist congregational leadership by providing information about resources available to them, as well as giving direct service. They maintain knowledge of consulting and other program resources available from the UUA and the District, as well as from other districts and congregations. They provide reference to such resources and assist congregations in accessing those resources as needed.

The Resource Liaisons provide regular updates on congregations, their needs and activities to the District staff and the Board, as well as to others who have the responsibility to address the congregations' developmental needs.

The Resource Liaisons assist the District Executive, District Board, and others in determining needs for services. They help to evaluate the program and suggest changes and adaptations.

The Resource Liaisons maintain records of their contacts, time, and effort to assist in assessment of the program and planning for the future.

Skills, Knowledge, and/or Abilities

The Resource Liaisons are committed Unitarian Universalist lay leaders with experience in the leadership of their own congregations. They are familiar with UU history and the concept of congregational polity. They are knowledgeable about the structure and services of the UUA and the District. They are selected for their ability to listen and interact constructively with congregational leadership, assess conflict potential/reality, and use effective judgment regarding congregational development. They’ve demonstrated an interest in Unitarian Universalism beyond the walls of their own congregations and willingness to further Unitarian Universalism in Prairie Star District.

Education, Training, and/or Expertise

The Resource Liaisons have attended a four-day training with District staff and attend a weekend meeting for continuing education each year. Each Liaison has received a “brain box” of resources.