Prairie Star District’s Youth Adult Committee (YAC) created a guide for district-level programming for youth. YAC established guidelines with the goal of creating safe and nurturing environments at any youth event taking place in the Prairie Star District. PSD encouraged all congregations to consider such guidelines when sponsoring youth activities. Doing so establishes certain standards will be met in planning and overseeing the event.

The Seal of Approval (SOA) was granted by the Youth and Young Adult Specialist to a limited number of specific youth events or conferences. Planners and organizers of these events pledged to abide by the PSD guidelines. The SOA included access to resources that assist groups in planning for a successful event. Attentive planning helps support an inclusive community and conference culture which reflects UU principles and provides opportunity for growth in areas of worship, youth-adult relations, community building, social action, learning and leadership.

Sherry Warren is the person who handled questions and applications.

No conference could claim the SOA without application to, review by, and permission of the YAC. The YAC awarded the Seal of Approval to no more than one conference per month in any state in the district, and to none within 2 weeks of the PSD YRUU Annual Business Meeting and Election. This once-per-month schedule may also include training conferences such as the spirituality development conference, leadership development conference, etc.

Mailing lists or labels provided with the seal were to be used only for that specific event’s communications. If a sponsoring congregation or organization’s event did not comply with the PSD guidelines, no seal could be awarded to that congregation or organization for one year following the infraction.