Our Work is Justice

“(Peace is) not a matter of the absence of tension, but the presence of justice.”— The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

About the PSD Social Justice Program Area: Peace and justice are common themes in the work of Unitarian Universalists who are involved in social action. The UU Social Justice Network brings together individuals and congregations who are dedicated to making a difference in their congregation, community or world.

Mission: While honoring social service, move congregations from service-only work to effecting long-term systemic change.

Vision: Every PSD Congregation has access to information, training, partnership, and assistance for social change organizing.

Taking Action: We look for effective ways to debate and act. We know these times demand the voice of justice in our congregations, the broader society and the world. UU Social Justice Network offers opportunity for taking action by:

  • Organizing District and community projects
  • Encouraging local congregations to share their social justice experiences with others
  • Teaching organizing principles so that new groups may be effective in facilitating positive personal and social change.

While it is true that a single person, working one on one, can have an important impact in the arena of social justice work, the empowerment of group action raises more voices to more ears, so that those who might not act alone will be willing to join with others to create change. The UU Social Justice Network provides resources to congregations so that they can take effective steps to start the change process.

Please see current resources on the MidAmerica Region Social Justice page!