Several members of Prairie Star District gave cash gifts and made the decision to put the Prairie Star District Endowment Fund in their wills.


Come, dream a dream with me ...

A commitment to the future!

For more than forty years, Prairie Star District was a primary resource for its congregations -- 65 of them in eight states -- providing leadership training, conflict resolution, and consultation. With the assistance of District Executive Nancy Heege, our services were expanded and strengthened. To enhance our services in the areas of religious education, youth programming, young adult and campus ministry, we hired the Reverend Phillip Lund, Director or Faith Development and Congregational Growth.



... And I’ll bring you hope when hope is hard to find

Tending with care

The purpose of Prairie Star District was to work to achieve the following overreaching goals:

Healthy, vital congregationsAn interconnected web of Unitarian UniversalistsMore UUs in Prairie Star District

Every service we offered was designed to help us live out our mission. We are now doing more, and doing it better, than ever before. (See MidAmerica Region)



Picture what we can be

Prairie Star District had a dream of working together with congregations so that:

  • Unitarian Universalism is a household name and recognized as a positive social force
  • UU congregations are recognized as centers of learning on ethical issues
  • Membership in UU congregations increases significantly
  • Congregations have high quality lifespan programming
  • Consistently, a majority of children move through children’s Religious Education to youth programming, on to Young Adult involvement, and on to lifelong involvement with UUism

Prairie Star District’s four staff members, nine board members and hundreds of other volunteers worked to provide programming to assist congregations to meet these goals.


Together we built for the future

Income to support the District’s programs comes from congregations and individuals. Congregations are asked to pay their District Fair Share, which brings in about $130,000 per year. Individuals were invited to become Friends of Prairie Star District and were contributing about $20,000 per year. Individuals were also asked to consider making gifts to the District’s Endowment Fund.

A gift to the Endowment Fund is a powerful way to make a commitment that will help the next generation and future generations of Unitarian Universalists. Endowment money is managed to maintain real value and generate income; the principal is never touched. There are many ways to contribute, such as bequests in a will, memorials, and gifts.

Thank you for dreaming the dream with us!

Continue the dream by giving to MidAmerica Region.

Words of the song “Come, dream a dream with me” used with permission of Carolyn McDade.