The Prairie Star District is a growing community of healthy, vital congregations in covenantal relationship with one another, transforming ourselves and our world by living our Unitarian Universalist principles.

Healthy, vital congregations are those in which:

  • Membership, resources, and the depth of religious, spiritual and intellectual experience are growing
  • Faith communities flourish
  • Right relations (i.e., respectful communication and conduct) are fostered and promoted throughout the congregation
  • Generosity is practiced and deeply rooted
  • Racial and cultural equity grows
  • A strong sense of denominational identity exists

Congregations within the District live in covenant with each other and with the District when:

  • Congregations within the District are connected in formal networks and clusters that create opportunities for collaboration and mentoring.
  • Congregations participate in the life of the District.

Congregations, in partnership with the UUA, move towards sustainability, wholeness, and reconciliation in the world through:

  • Engagement in their communities, informed by our prophetic voice and public witness
  • Growing awareness of Unitarian Universalism in the larger community
  • Interfaith partnerships and alliances based on shared values that promote justice.