The District Congregations are the final authority in District governance. They are represented by the delegates they send to the District’s annual business meeting, which is held during the Annual Conference in April.

The UUA Trustee is elected by the congregations in a special election by mailed in ballots. He or she represents the District on the UUA Board, and also serves as a non-voting member of the District Board and the District Executive Committee.

The Nominating Committee is elected at the annual meeting. It draws up slates of candidates for other elected positions.

The PSD Board is elected at the annual meeting. It consists of four officers (President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer) and five other Directors. The UUA Trustee, District Executive, and Lifespan Program Director serve as non-voting members of the Board. The Board runs the business affairs of the District and serves as a planning and policy authority. The Board meets three times a year.

The District Executive is employed by the District and by UUA to oversee the operation of the District. The District Executive serves as a non-voting member of the Board, several other District organizations and as a liaison between the District and UUA.

The Director of Faith Development and Congregational Growth is employed by the District and by UUA to coordinate lifespan religious education and faith development resources for congregations and to work with congregations on growth.

The District Administrator is employed by the District to discharge a multitude of administrative functions, especially concerning communications, financial records, and computer systems.

The Office Assistant is hired by the District to assist the District Administrator.

The Coordinator of Emerging Youth and Young Adult Ministries is employed by the District to provide guidance and support for district-level youth and young adult programs.

The Web Coordinator is employed by the District to manage a system of volunteers implementing the district website and developing its content.

The Consultant Program provides UUA and District consultants for various purposes to congregations. Consulting costs are paid partly by the congregation and partly by the District or UUA.

The Program Areas organize and focus the work of the District volunteers, who carry on some of the work of the District. Some Program Area have a Program Coordinator appointed by the District Executive, and a staff liaison from the District Office.

Various Committees are appointed by the Board and District Executive.