The Prairie Star District wass organized by Program Areas in which the District Executive and the Board are not the major program providers themselves but rely heavily on volunteer services.

Some Program Areas were led by a volunteer Program Coordinator or staff member who was responsible for setting up, recruiting volunteers for, and coordinating small Committees to accomplish tasks within the Program Area.

Each Program Coordinator had the assistance of a District staff member (the Staff Liaison) to provide continuity and support. The Coordinators also worked with the staff to coordinate program activities with other areas.

A more detailed description of the purpose and responsibilities of the Program Coordinators and Committees is in Policies and Procedures.

Annual Conference Program Area Coordinator:  (Sam Wormley)
Staff Liaison: (Nancy Heege)
Committees: Awards; Conference Program Planning; Conference Archives; Local Arrangements; Site Selection
Camp and Retreat Program Area Staff Liaison:  (Nancy Heege)
Committees: Camp UniStar Management; Camp StarTrail Planning
GRACE (Growing Racial and Cultural Equity) Program Area Coordinator: appointed
Staff Liaison: (Nancy Heege)
Committees: GRACE Team

Growth Program Area

Staff Liaison: (Rev. Phillip Lund)
Committees: Chalice Lighters (Grants, Recruitment, Registrar)
Leadership Development Program Area Staff Liaison: (Nancy Heege)
Committees: Midwest Leadership School Liaisons
Lifespan Program Area Staff Liaison: (Rev. Phillip Lund)
Social Justice Program Area Coordinator: (Shawna Foster)
Staff Liaison:(Nancy Heege)
Committees: Social Justice Network Advisory
Stonetree Program Area Coordinator: (Erin Dajka)
Staff Liaison: (Rev. Phillip Lund)
Committees: Stonetree Congregational Resources (Technical)