The Leadership Development Program Area sponsors and presents leadership training and development programs for the District, and provides support for congregations in leadership training for their own congregations. The program area aims to support:

  • A wide variety of leadership training opportunities for both congregational and District work.
  • Leadership workshops.
  • Midwest Leadership School.
  • Other training programs to local congregations on request.


Leadership Workshops

The District offers workshops promoting leadership development

Commissioned Lay Leaders

The District’s CLL program has been discontinued.

Only four congregations participated in 19 years it was in existence, and there were no persons in training at the time it was discontinued. The program was designed to give lay leaders special religious and secular education and experience so that they could serve their own congregations more effectively.

UUA Leadership Resources

The Leadership portal at UUA’s website covers many topics of interest to professional and lay leaders in our congregations, including the Leadership Library, the UUA Health plan, and resources and contacts available through UUA.


The UUA newsletter for congregational leaders.

MidWest Leadership School

The District sponsors this program in Beloit, Wisconsin, for one week every summer jointly with other mid-west districts. This program for current and future congregational leaders includes UU history and theology, elements of worship, group and system dynamics, and developing and sharing personal belief statements.

Youth MidWest Leadership School

Midwest Leadership School is a weeklong intensive experience designed to engage participants in all aspects of leadership in a Unitarian Universalist faith community. For the second year we are pleased to offer Midwest Leadership School for Youth (ages 14-18) in tandem with our Adult School. It will challenge and train Unitarian Universalist youth in three areas: Leadership Skills Development, Worship, and Religious Values & Heritage. This Leadership School is an intentional community and learning experience. It equips young UU’s with a foundation that deepens their religious development and expands their ability to contribute, both in their UU community and beyond.