Our Blue Boat Home: Living the Seventh Principle

Annual Conference 2009 Archive 

April 3–5, 2009
Duluth, Minnesota

Hosted by the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Duluth

This year in scenic Duluth:

We explore a broad spectrum of environmental and sustainability issues and their relationship to each and every one of us. The Keynote Speaker is a pioneer in sustainable agriculture. The Judy Lecturer wrote “Blue Boat Home”, one of our favorite songs. We devote one of the traditional workshop sessions to a Presidential Forum on the candidates for the UUA Presidency. Two pre-conference workshops are offered Friday on Racial Equity and Environmental Justice.


Keynote Speaker Linda Barnes and Mark Runquist, stewards of high hopes gardens, LLC Listen to audio

Arthur M. Judy Lecturer Peter Mayer, singer and songwriter Listen to audio

Saturday Night Entertainment Sara Thomsen, singer and songwriter

See Conference Highlights for more information about the speakers and entertainment.

Conference Reading

Blessed Unrest, by Paul Hawken – recommended by Keynote Speaker Linda Barnes.


Awards are given every year at the Annual Conference. Read the award descriptions, and if this sounds like someone you know, fill out a nomination form for them! (Deadline for nominations: January 31, 2009.)

Posters to print

Download a poster about the Annual Conference to display in your congregation.

8.5“ x 11” Annual Conference Poster (687 KB) 8.5“ x 11” Environmental Justice Workshop Flyer   (600 KB)

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