Q: What does my registration include?

A: An adult registration includes the conference and its activities; breakfast, lunch, and the banquet Saturday, April 4; and breakfast Sunday April 5. A youth registration includes the conference; breakfast and lunch with the larger group on Saturday; a youth dinner party on Saturday night; and breakfast Sunday morning.

Q: Do I register for the Pre-conference workshops at the same time?

A: Yes:

For the Social Justice Workshop on Environmental Justice there is an extra charge of $5.00 with Conference registration. Registration will also be available at the door, with a charge of $10.00. For the GRACE (Growing Racial and Cultural Equity) Workshop there is no charge, but do indicate on the Conference registration form if you plan to attend.

Q: How do I reserve a room at the hotel?

A: This is separate from your conference registration, and you will need to make it yourself. Information about hotel reservations is on the General Information page.

Q: What is the phone number for the Holiday Inn?

A: 218-722-1202

Q: Where is the Holiday Inn and how to I get there from Highway 35 going north?

A: The hotel is in downtown Duluth, at the corner of 1st Street and 2nd Avenue West. The address is 200 West First Street. Driving into Duluth on Interstate Highway 35, take Exit 256B and turn left onto Lake Avenue, then left on 1st street. As soon as you cross 2nd Avenue, the Holiday Inn parking ramp is on your left.

Q: What if I’m coming from Wisconsin?

A: From Highway 53, follow the signs to Interstate Highway 35 North, then follow the same directions as above.

Q: What if I’m coming from the North on Interstate Highway 35?

A: Who comes from the north to Duluth (we’re just kidding)? Take the Lake Avenue exit and turn right, then follow the same instructions as above.

Q: Is there anything to know about the Holiday Inn parking ramp?

A: Yes. You must drive on the left side of the ramp, instead of the right. It’s clearly marked but feels a bit awkward.

Q: Once I’m in the parking ramp, can I leave?

A: Yes. As a guest of the hotel, you do not pay to park, and you can come and go as you please. Just remember to drive on the left once you’re inside the ramp, and remember that you must always turn left to exit onto 1st Street, which is one-way.

Q: How can I get to the conference site from the airport?

A: Normally there are cabs at the airport for arriving flights. Or, you can call a cab:

Allied Taxi 218-722-3311
Yellow Cab of Duluth 218-727-1515

Q: If I get stuck, whom can I call?

A: These UUCD members are ready to help you:

Marty Sozansky Cell
Kathy Heltzer Cell
Tim Stratton Cell

Q: What about dinner Friday night?

A: If you wish to stay downtown, the Local Arrangements Committee recommends:

Pizza Lucé ($$) 11 E. Superior St. (Bistro, pizza)
India Palace ($) 319 W. Superior St. (Indian)

Local Arrangements heartily recommends that you venture down to Canal Park*, which, besides offering shopping and cultural attractions, boasts these restaurants and more:

Grandma’s ($$) (next to the Maritime Museum) (American casual)
Bellisio’s ($$$) 425 S. Lake AvenueReservations: 218-727-4921 (Classic Italian)
Hell’s Kitchen ($$) 310 S Lake Ave (American casual)
Other ($) options abound in Canal Park, including Dairy Queen and Subway

* Canal Park is on Lake Avenue, over the freeway, towards Lake Superior. If weather permits, it’s a nice walk of about 15 minutes from the Holiday Inn.

Q: How do I get from the Holiday Inn to the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Duluth (UUCD)?

A: Directions:

Exit the parking ramp left onto 1st Street. Turn right on 3rd Avenue West and then right onto 2nd Street. (This is a one-way street.) Drive to 21st Avenue East and turn left. Follow signs to UMD and St. Scholastica, which will tell you to turn right on Woodland Avenue. Travel about 4 blocks, through the stoplight at Kent Road. Turn left one block after the stoplight, onto College Street. Stay on College Street past UMD, through a stop light. Look on your right for Missouri Street, very closely followed by the “835 Unitarian” sign that tells you to turn right into UUCD.

Q: Where on the radio dial is public radio?

A: Minnesota Public Radio in Duluth is on the FM dial at 100.5 (News) and 92.9 (Classical).

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