Two candidates are competing for the office of Unitarian Universalist Association President succeeding the Rev William G. Sinkford, who completes his second term of office in June 2009.

Rev. Laurel Hallman Rev. Peter Morales

The Presidential Forum, moderated by Prairie Star District leaders Kathryn Bowman and Kathy Burek, will explore the candidacies of the Rev Dr Laurel Hallman, senior minister of the First Unitarian Church in Dallas, and the Rev Peter Morales, senior minister of Jefferson Unitarian Church in Golden Colorado. The Forum will feature spokespersons for each candidate, the UUA election process, and a time for Q & A. This is your opportunity to become informed about the choices for the next chief executive officer and primary spokesperson of the Unitarian Universalist Association.

The forum replaces the customary early afternoon workshop session (Workshops B).

For more information about the upcoming UUA elections at General Assembly, see UUA Elections.


Here is a video recording of this presentation which was introduced by Kathy Bowman, PSD President.


Audio only recording: 2009PresForum.mp3

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