Workshops C1 to C8 will be held at the conference hotel. Workshops C9 and C10 will be held at the UU Congregation of Duluth. Carpools will be organized.

C1: Justice, Hope, Community: Ministering to the Missing Generation

Rev. Phillip Lund, PSD Lifespan Program Director, and Sherry Warren, PSD Youth and Young Adult Specialist

Today’s young adults yearn for the very things our communities of faith are capable of offering. Yet many of our small and mid-sized congregations have difficulties attracting and retaining people in their 20s and 30s. This workshop will explore how we can respond to the gifts and needs of adults under forty.

C2: Faith and Action: Discussing Reproductive Choice

Connie Diercks, Minneapolis MN: First Universalist Church

This workshop introduces participants to the pilot curriculum developed by the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice. Developed specifically for Unitarian Universalists, the program provides a four part curriculum designed to encourage introspection, active listening and respectful conversation about a potentially divisive topic.

This workshop broadens participants’ view of reproductive choice which is relevant to supporting policies beneficial to women, families and to a world with growing population and diminishing resources.

C3: Painting Religion into Place

Rev. Dr. Carol Hepokoski, Rochester MN: First Unitarian Universalist Church

Come hear about a little known part of the UU multicultural heritage, i.e. The Finnish-American Unitarian Universalist movement in northeast Minnesota. We will look at two folk art altar piece paintings for clues about the experience of “new Americans” of the early 20th century, as well as their understanding of religion and nature.

C4: Your Small UU Congregation and the District’s Resource Liaison Program

D’Ann Prior, Fridley MN: Michael Servetus Unitarian Society, and other Resource Liaisons

Is your congregation connected to the larger UU world? As a leader of a small congregation do you sometimes feel alone? Do you think your congregation has unique problems? Is your congregation connected to a Prairie Star District Resource Liaison? If not, would you like to be? Would you like to become a liaison to some small congregations and share your experience?

C5: The Bible is Human Voices

Rev. Wendy Jerome, Eau Claire WI: Unitarian Universalist Congregation

Want to feel more knowledgeable and respectful as you work on interfaith projects with neighbors from biblically-centered traditions? This workshop includes a brief tour of how the Bible is organized and its several dates of composition. It also offers suggestions for inspiring and puzzling reading including history, folk-tales and parables that relate to UU human rights concerns: how Paul supported women’s leadership and criticized slavery; how Leviticus addresses homosexuality; where the “Queen of Heaven” and matriarchy exist in text; and how Jesus affirmed human potential.

C6: Making the Blue Boat a Home for Everyone. The Human Right to Water: Congregational Tools Workshop

Patricia Jones, UU Service Committee (UUSC) Program Manager for Environmental Justice

Great strides have been made by faith based communities to address the problems of environmental conservation and justice, the dual aspects of sustainability. This is one of the critical issues we and our human community face, given global climate change and issues. Access to safe, affordable water, and food, and the right to a safe, healthy environment, are violated or not being met. We will learn about the background of the human right to water and how human rights are important in the policy debates about addressing climate change. We will preview hands-on water justice curriculum materials and tested resources congregations are using to hold “water justice” activities, and participate in a water ritual that could be used for water justice services. And we’ll look at what communities in the U.S. are doing to make sure every person has access to safe, sufficient affordable water.

C7: Singing Meditation: Song and Silence for the Soul

Ruth Rosauer, Eau Claire, WI: Unitarian Universalist Congregation

Singing Meditation is an interfaith spiritual practice in which song and silence are alternated. A brief lecture will include a cross-cultural overview of song throughout the ages, some of its spiritual dimensions, as well as physical and emotional benefits. In this experiential workshop you will be singing – not listening to music. This is an opportunity for everyone to sing simple songs, chants and rounds deeply into your soul; regardless of your musical background. This is not only for people who sing in the choir!

The two to five minute periods of intentional silence framed by song may be used for prayer, meditation or contemplation. Experience the synergy of singing in community as a path to facilitate your connection with the community of singers around you, God, the Divine, your own Inner Core of guidance, the Spirit of Life.

C8: Teaching UU History through Video

We regret that this workshop has been canceled.

C9: Peacemaking and Ethical Eating: Justice Actions

Hal Bertilson, Duluth MN: Unitarian Universalist Congregation

The Congregational Study Action Item (CSAI) is the way that UU congregations set social-justice policy for the Unitarian Universalist Association. Learn about the process and the content of both the Peacemaking 2006–2010 and the Ethical Eating: Food and Environmental Justice 2008–2012 CSAIs, the process for involving your congregation, and the resources available. Hal Bertilson has been working with the Peacemaking Core Team both at General Assemblies and via a series of teleconference calls and tele-presentations. He will provide a view of the CSAI process from the “inside” as well as a great deal about the issues involved in both CSAIs. Professor Bertilson teaches the Psychology of Peace at the University of Wisconsin–Superior and will offer psychological theory and research regarding both topics. He serves on the Campus Peace Center Advisory Council and will report on the UW–Superior Student Peace Center trip to the sponsoring United Nations Non-Governmental Organization (UN NGo), the NGo Committee on Spirituality, Values, & Global Concerns, in October at the U.N.

Note: This workshop (C9) will be held at the UU Congregation of Duluth, not the Conference hotel. Carpools will be organized.

C10: Drumming the Soul Awake

Jamie Meyer and Chris Bremer, Minneapolis MN: First Universalist Church

Join us for the rousing and soul-deepening practice of drumming as we explore our connection to earth and spirit through group drumming and ritual. No experience needed, and we have plenty of drums for everyone. Jaime Meyer is a playwright, drummer, father, husband and gardener who holds a masters' degree in theology and the arts from United Seminary of the Twin Cities. Twenty of his plays have been produced in various cities across the USA. For seven years he has been leading twice monthly drumming groups at First Universalist Church in Minneapolis as well as many other kinds of drumming events. Since 1984 Meyer has studied cross-cultural shamanism, mysticism and the spiritual uses of drumming from many cultures. Chris Bremer helped to start the drumming group under the sponsorship of the Association of Universalist Women; she will offer tips on organizing a drumming group in your church.

Note: This workshop (C10) will be held at the UU Congregation of Duluth, not the Conference hotel. Carpools will be organized.

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