From The Unitarian Church, Davenport, Iowa

Dear UUs of All Ages,

Welcome to the Prairie Star District 2010 Annual Conference in Davenport, Iowa! We invite you to join us for Roots and Wings : Weaving Multigenerational Dreams!

NEWS:  Embracing the PSD Board’s goals for engaging our young people, we’ve put together a 2010 conference program with appeal for all ages. By attracting people of every generation, we hope to enrich the conference experience for everyone.

We have invited tremendous speakers – including Dr. Mark A. Hicks, PSD religious educators and other experts on multigenerational worship. John McCutcheon, nationally known singer and hammered dulcimer player will give a concert for all ages on Saturday night, “An Evening with John McCutcheon”, and will also lead a workshop for all ages (B-8: “Singing for Our Lives”). We have other great multigenerational workshops! We have the Mississippi River, the Figge Art Gallery, and many other local opportunities to enjoy!

We invite you and your family and friends, your grandchildren, the youth from your congregation – in short, everyone – to join us.

QUESTION:  Why are we taking this multigenerational approach?

ANSWER:  For fun. For learning. For camaraderie. To re-invigorate our congregations and district, and to grow future leaders.

We are deeply grateful to the Riverboat Development Authority of Davenport for a generous grant that allows us to reduce registration fees for all those 35 and under, making it easier for younger folks (who are perhaps still getting established) to take part in the conference experience.

Of course, we hope record numbers of those over 35 will come too!

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