Workshops, Session B

Saturday afternoon at 2:00 PM

Note: Workshop A at 11:00 AM is an all-conference workshop with Judy Lecturer Dr. Mark A. Hicks, held at the RiverCenter.

All workshops in Session B will be held at the RiverCenter.

B–1:  Web Fest

Principal Presenter:  Ben Stallings, PSD Web Coordinator

This will be an informal opportunity for the maintainers of UU Web sites to learn from each other, ask questions, show off successes, and fix problems.

B–2:  Transforming UUA Governance. Regions? Fewer Districts? Fewer GA’s?

Principal Presenter:  John Blevins, UUA Trustee from PSD

In Feb, 2010, the UUA Board committed itself to reducing its size by at least half, to find ways to adapt our district organizational structure to this change, and to find new, constructive ways to support our youth, young adults and historically marginalized communities. In addition, we will be looking hard at moving to biennial GA’s. Come hear the latest news on these fronts, and share your dreams, ideas, and concerns.Suggested Reading:  Getting Started with Policy Governance by Caroline Oliver; Governance and Ministry: Rethinking Board Leadership by Dan Hotchkiss

B–3:  The Healing Power of “YES”:Communicating Effectively with Persons with Alzheimer’s

Principal Presenter:  Rev. Jade C. Angelica, member UU Fellowship Dubuque, IACo-Presenter:  Amy Ressler, UU Fellowship Dubuque, IA

This workshop weaves together information about Alzheimer’s disease, quality of life for persons with Alzheimer’s and their care partners, and spiritual practices as a way of finding healing and meaning in the presence of an incurable illness. Through the use of creative drama and improvisational theatre exercises, participants will learn to observe, listen and respond to persons with Alzheimer’s in life-affirming ways, and to ease some of the difficulties that can arise in interactions with this population of patients. This program will be informative, inspirational and fun!Suggested Reading:  Learning to Speak Alzheimer’s by Joanne Koenig Coste

B–4:  Introduction to Stonetree Congregational Resources, version 3

Principal Presenter:  Diana Allen, PSD Stonetree Congregational Resources CoordinatorCo-Presenter:  TBA

Good things are always learning and growing, and so it is with Stonetree Congregational Resources. We have learned much as we’ve served all those congregations needing Sunday morning speakers, musicians and presenters. This year we are launching a new version of Stonetree built in an open source content management software called Drupal. This version will have an enhanced, streamlined recommendation process, allowing recommenders and their comments to be published for each presenter. Version 3 will also include a more powerful editor to make your resource description stand out. Behind the scenes, it will allow tracking connections that are made among users of Stonetree. Come and experience the wings that have sprouted from this deeply rooted resource for Prairie Star District.

B–5:  Worship Matters

Principal Presenter:  Reverend Tom Capo, Peoples Church UU, Cedar Rapids, IA

This presentation will include putting together a worship team (including a youth and a religious educator) and looking at the flow of the worship service to create new styles of worship. This workshop will also look at ways of bringing new media that add to the overall worship experience. We will also look what multigenerational worship really means.

B–6:  Small Essentials, Essentially Small

Principal Presenter:  Rev. Dr. Lisa Presley, District Executive, Heartland District of the UUA

This workshop will explore issues and ideas that are germane to small congregations – how to organize the work, stewardship, volunteerism, and other benefits and challenges that face small congregations. Feel free to email your questions and/or areas of concern to Lisa Presley prior to the conference, and she’ll try to incorporate them in the workshop!Suggested Reading:  Lisa will bring a bibliography as part of the workshop materials.

B–7:  Spreading Your Wings: Youth Involvement in Congregational Life

This workshop has been canceled.

B–8:  Singing For Our Lives

Principal Presenter:  John McCutcheon, singer and songwriter

Led by internationally acclaimed songwriter, activist, and folk music Renaissance man, John McCutcheon, this multigenerational workshop will explore the traditions and truths of storytelling & song. Employing humor and history, participants will examine the way Singing for Our Lives ensures that the stories of right and wrong, the concepts of moral activism, and the power of intergenerational learning strengthen the principle that every person has inherent worth and dignity.

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