Hang Out in the R & R – “Random Room”

“Where Random Acts are bound to happen . . .”

RAA – Random Acts of Art RAK – Random Acts of Kindness RAT – Random Acts of Thought RAM – Random Acts of Music Bring your favorite music CD’s, Cell Phones, Cameras and Camcorders – All encouraged! Bring scrapbooks, photos and ideas to share about projects or activities you have enjoyed being involved in through your church. Write on the “Random Thoughts” Journal Wall. Bring Artist Trading Cards to trade – or make them while hanging out. Make your own Manga-inspired UU superhero comics (materials and know-how provided). Cover the TEEN Beat and be roving conference REPORTER or PHOTOGRAPHER. Create materials to be used at the conference and later on websites. Document random acts! Lend your voice to the conference choir! If you have any musical background you’ll be a welcome addition. (Register for the choir when you complete your registration. See more information at Conference Choir. Other possibilities abound but aren’t yet finalized (e.g. attend local live youth theater, perform social action to help others, etc.). Watch this space for specifics! Exchange e-mail addresses or . . . Just hang out and get to know other UU Youth from our district.

Please come, bring your spirit and enthusiasm and join with us in celebration.

Random Thoughts

We are deeply grateful to the Riverboat Development Authority of Davenport for a generous grant that allows us to eliminate registration fees entirely for Infants, Toddlers, and Children, and to reduce fees for Youth registrants. (Please note that these fee reductions and eliminations are for this year only.)

Our goal is to attract younger folks to the conference, helping us reinvigorate our congregations and district and engage future leaders. Parents and sponsors: please consider bringing youth of all ages to take part in our multigenerational celebration!

Printable Flier

A printable flier summarizing all activities for children and youth during the conference is available to download.


Youth registration includes a Saturday picnic lunch, Saturday and Sunday breakfasts in the hotel and a Saturday evening buffet dinner before the John McCutcheon concert. Each youth also receives a ticket to this family concert as part of registration.

Youth registration (grades 7–12) requires two forms: a Registration Form and a Permission Form.

Registration Form

The registration form is the same for all individuals regardless of age including adults, youth, children, infants, and toddlers.

If you register online, once you have completed the first adult registration, the online registration system will offer you the option to “Register another person for the Annual Conference.” Click this link and continue on to register other members of your family before you “check out.” If you are printing out the form in hard copy to fill in by hand, you may print it multiple times – one for each individual.

Permission Forms

Permission forms (signed by parents or guardians) are required for all youth attendees. Because the signatures on these forms need to be original signatures, you’ll need to print out the forms, sign them, and then mail them to the registrar by US Mail or other physical mail service.

Youth Permission Form for grades 7–12 (PDF, 19 KB) Please note: the permission form requires emergency health information – be sure to get that information well in advance! Deadlines

April 8, 2010, at noon, is the deadline for the following: Deadline extended.

Conference registration (mailed with check and on-line by credit card) for all ages Permission forms for those in Grade 12 and younger Online Registration will end at noon on April 16. Mail in Registrations and Permission Forms must be received by noon on April 20.[ NOTE: Youth, Child, Toddler, and Infant registrations will NOT be accepted after this deadline.]

April 8, 2010, at noon, is the deadline for the following: (This deadline is NOT extended.)

Cancellations of previously made registrations, if you decide not to come after all

Notifying us of your decisions by April 8, gives the conference hotel and the local committee time to order food and plan for staffing for an accurate number of registrants.

Youth Accommodations

There is no separate housing for youth. Youth must arrange accommodations with their parents or sponsors.

Youth Conference Guidelines Registered youth in Grades 7–12 will be part of the full Annual Conference. This year we have a blend of multigenerational activities and youth-oriented activities to interest all! Each youth attendee must have an adult sponsor from their congregation who is attending the Conference. We encourage all members of our community to voice opinions, objections, or concerns at any time. People and property are to be respected. The activities below are NOT permitted under any circumstances: Smoking Using alcohol or drugs (with exception of prescriptions) Engaging in violent, inappropriate, sexual, demeaning, derogatory, or offensive behavior

Each youth attendee must agree to follow the guidelines above.


Youth can apply for Annual Conference Scholarships. See Scholarships.

There are a very limited number of scholarships available. The first round of scholarships will be awarded based on applications received as of noon on February 23, 2010. If funds are still available, additional scholarships will be awarded after that date.

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