PSD Annual Conference 2006: Saturday Workshops (B) 1:30-2:45

B1: What Can You Do to Help Reduce Poverty in the World?

Charles Fantz and Genia Peterson Kornhaber, UU Fellowship of Topeka, KS The UU United Nations Office has developed a new program, “Every Child Is Our Child.” It is a way for UUs to connect with the UN’s Millennium Development Goals in Ghana. Come find out how you can help educate children who have been orphaned by AIDS, reduce poverty, and promote gender equality.

B2: Gilead and a Vision of Life

Marilynne Robinson, Congregational United Church of Christ of Iowa City, IA Winner of the 2005 Pulitzer Prize for fiction, Marilynne Robinson is a faculty member in the University of Iowa Writers' Workshop. Her novel Gilead recounts the experiences and thoughts of a small-town Iowa minister, writing to his young son as he feels the approach of death. Meet with the author to discuss this novel, described as a “hymn of praise and lamentation” that reflects on themes of “faith, courage, forgiveness, solitude, friendship, grace, as well as human weaknesses ...”

B3: Faith Activism and the Living Wage Movement

Johanna Chao Rittenburg, UUSC Economic Justice Program Manager How are faith activists playing a powerful role in generating positive social and economic change? How do we move from the “Word” to the “world”? View a new documentary on the Santa Fe Living Wage campaign and engage in a discussion about faith-labor-community coalitions that are having a profound impact for economic justice.

B4: Making Your Congregation Young Adult Friendly

Andrea Anderson, Dakota UU Fellowship, and David Leppik, member of PSD Board and First Universalist Church, Minneapolis, MN All Unitarians Universalists share in the challenge and responsibility of making our congregations places where people are encouraged and enabled to become increasingly mature, responsible adults. A primary aspect of this challenge is to engage young adults in the life of each of our congregations. If we are to do that, we each need to contribute to making our congregations more young adult friendly.

B5: Board Basics 101

Nancy Heege, PSD Executive, and Prairie Star District Board Members What’s the proper role for board members in a UU congregation? Should board members be concerned with day-to-day operations, or should they keep their focus on the long-term vision? How should our time be spent at board meetings? What orientation does a board member need? Join us for a conversation about “Board Basics.”

B6: How the Intelligent Design Movement Impacts Our Congregations, Communities, and World

Fritz Franzen and Sam Wormley, UU Fellowship of Ames, IA Join us as we explore these questions:

What is science? What is evolution? What is Intelligent Design? Should it be taught as science? Why should we care? B7: AMOS Changed our Church: One Church’s Experience with a Community Organizing Strategy

Sally Boeckholt and Rev. Mark Stringer, First Unitarian Church, Des Moines, IA In a workshop sponsored by the Prairie Star District board, representatives from First Unitarian Church, Des Moines, discuss how their church became involved with the Industrial Areas Foundation, the challenges they faced, and what they gained. Then you can share your successes and challenges with community organizing. Learn more about the invigorating role that community organizing can play in the life of our UU congregations.

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