PSD Annual Conference 2006: Saturday Workshops (C) 3:00-4:15

C1: Let Justice Roll Down Like Waters: A Report from Prairie Star Social Justice Network Working Group

Tom Lo Guidice (UUF, Dubuque), Betsy Allis (First Universalist, Minneapolis), Bob Cernia (UUF, Northfield), Vicki Pratt (Second Unitarian, Omaha), Jo Haberman (First Unitarian, Minneapolis), Mary Westfall (UUF, Manhattan) Learn about the work of southern Iowa, southern Minnesota, eastern Wisconsin social justice clusters and the Metro Unitarian Universalist Social Justice Alliance (MUUSJA). Speakers explain how religious principles motivate their work, and provide a one-page summary of cluster work and contacts.

C2: Was George Washington a Closet Unitarian?

Clair W. Keller and Fritz Franzen, UU Fellowship, Ames, IA At a rural tavern, an itinerate minister (Fritz Franzen, in costume) interviews George Washington (Clair Keller, in costume) in an effort determine his religious views. After the interview, the audience will discuss whether Washington’s responses reflect the Unitarian values of his time.

C3: The Growing Branches of Stonetree

Dawn Cooley, PSD Stonetree Coordinator and First Unitarian Society, Minneapolis, MN Come see the exciting capabilities that have been added to Stonetree Version 2, a great web resource. We would love feedback from people listed on Stonetree, as well as from those who use it to find resources for their PSD congregations, exchange ideas, and locate speakers and arts resources via this unique “Unitarian Universalist Recommended” resource!

C4: Youth Conferences: The YAC and the Seal

Lucky Dehn and Kira Pontiff, both members of PSD Youth Adult Committee and UU Church of Minnetonka, Wayzata, MN From enthusiastic support to boycotts, youth “cons” evoke strong reactions from parents, church staff, advisors, and the youth who attend them. What happens there? Are they safe? Find out what cons provide our youth, and at what risk. Learn about important changes to the “Seal of Approval” for youth cons in our district.

C5: Engaging Our Theological Diversity

Nancy Heege, PSD District Executive, and Kathy Bowman, PSD Vice President and Unitarian Church, Davenport, IA In our congregations, people hold a variety of beliefs. What, then, holds us together? What features, if they were taken away, would leave something that is no longer recognizably Unitarian Universalism? A discussion about the 2005 Commission on Appraisal report, Engaging Our Theological Diversity. Participants will take home an adult education curriculum outline.

C6: Making Justice Possible for the Indigenous Peoples of the Prairies: Going Beyond Indian Gaming

Thomas M. Disselhorst, Bismarck (ND)-Mandan Unitarian Universalist Fellowship Join us to examine justice issues facing the indigenous peoples of the prairies. What are our prejudices, and the prejudices of our communities? What perceptions among both indigenous and nonindigenous peoples, and what institutions and policies, prevent justice from becoming a reality? Finally, what can we as UUs do to make our principles come alive on this issue, and to make a difference? Our voices have always been most powerful when we are seeking justice. Come prepared to be honest in expressing your views -- and expect to be challenged!

C7: What is “Social Justice” Anyway, and How Can We End Homelessness?

Rahima Wade and Gay Mikelson, UU Society of Iowa City, IA Explore, question, and challenge your ideas about “social justice” through an interactive exercise to examine our views, appreciate multiple perspectives, and further our understanding about how to work for social justice. Using homelessness as the focus, we will share project ideas, explore barriersand generate new possibilities for working on the causes of homelessness in our communities and our world.

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