A note from Sarah Carlson, Communications Co-chair of PSD YAC

Note: PSD YAC stands for Prairie Star District Youth Adult Committee.

You’ve probably received your brochure for the PSD Annual Conference taking place in Iowa City, Iowa, on April 28-30. The brochure and registration forms are also available online; see the Annual Conference home page.

We would like you to notice three items of particular importance to the youth and those involved in youth ministry in the district.

1. There will be a workshop about youth CONS and the new YAC Seal of Approval on Saturday afternoon. The YAC has been working for 2 years to roll out an effective process for youth conferences to obtain a YAC Seal of Approval, as a way to assure that youth conferences are safe and provide a quality experience for youth and adults. We have a new seal design, and specific policies and procedures for you to learn about.

Two members of the PSD YAC will present information during this workshop about how the process works and what it means. As a YAC, we are asking DREs and those involved with youth ministry to please attend this important session.

2. Please note that the PSD YAC has planned a social justice CON for youth during the Annual District Conference, and let your youth know they are welcome. This is a great activity for those youth interested in social justice work to network with other youth! Some highlights of planned youth activities:

Youth activities will take place at the Iowa City church building (4 blocks from the hotel), as well as at the hotel with other PSD conference attendees. Attendees of the youth conference are invited to hang out and sleep at the church both Friday and Saturday. Workshops at the church will focus on multicultural oppression and militarism in education (racism in recruiting, exploitation of poverty, governmental rights to personal information), as they relate to youth. There will be speakers, discussions, activism and films. Youth will plan a youth-led worship for Saturday evening at the Annual Conference. In addition, youth will select a few workshops to attend at the hotel from the Annual Conference schedule. There will be a hospitality room for youth off the pool at the hotel. YAC adults and youth will be present during the entire conference

3. PSD-YAC will also be hosting a display booth at the hotel during the conference.

Note that the youth registration form must be mailed as a parental permission is required. Youth registration forms are to be mailed to the same address as adult attendees:

UUSIC 10 S. Gilbert Iowa City, IA 52240

Please contact me with any questions you have.

Sarah J. Carlson College of Human Sciences

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