A1: Faith Without Certainty: UU Theology

Kathryn Bowman
Unitarian Church, Davenport, IA

Come explore the contents of Paul Rasor’s new book in UU theology, Faith Without Certainty. After a discussion based on the book’s introduction, participants will receive a leader’s guide to facilitating a book discussion in an adult religious education class and suggestions for use of this guide in their own congregations.

A2: Drumming the Soul Awake

Jaime Meyer and Chris Bremer
First Universalist Church, Minneapolis, MN

Through 15% lecture and 85% experiential learning, we will offer powerful insight into the ancient traditions of drumming as a spiritual practice, a way of earth-centered worship, and healing using the community as a container. Drawing from Celtic and northern European shamanic traditions, discover how to introduce drumming into your congregation at various levels, from simple to complex. The co-presenters have led monthly drumming groups at their congregation for five years. Drums and rattles are provided.

A3: Welcoming Congregations, Praise and Challenges

Forrest Swall and Rev. Michael Nelson
Unitarian Universalist Fellowships of Lawrence and Manhattan, KS

Come assess the Welcoming Congregation movement in our District, honor congregations that have achieved official Welcoming Congregation status, offer tips for success to those in the process, and discuss ways to keep the program vital and refreshed as we move forward.

A4: Making the District Web Site Work for You

Ben Stallings
Prairie Star District Web Coordinator

The PSD Web site has become much more dynamic and interactive, but until now only District staff and a few volunteers have been in the driver’s seat. Come learn how in just minutes you can update your congregation’s listing in the PSD Directory or post the latest news from your PSD committee.

A5: Nurturing Social Justice in PSD Congregations

Tom Lo Guidice, Vicki Pratt, Caron Wells, Bob Ciernia, Betsy Allis, and Jo Haberman
PSD Social Justice Network

Social justice has moved from “heroes and sheroes” to a systematic approach to change. We will report on alliances, clusters, CBCOs, steering committees, and national efforts that organize our PSD congregations for social action.

A6: Valuing Our Church Staff and Ministers

Louise Livesay
Unity Church–Unitarian, St. Paul, MN

Is your church considering hiring a new employee or minister? Are you looking for a position in a congregation? Wondering how the church can retain good employees? Come speak with the PSD Compensation Consultant about issues relating to compensation and benefits for your church staff and minister. Discuss how we can put our UU values into action as an employer. Learn what benefits are available through the UUA for your church staff.

A7: Paths Toward Racial and Cultural Inclusiveness

Sharon Blevins, Connie Brown, Art Collins, Jim Eller, Bob Miller, and Linda Vogel
All Souls Unitarian Universalist Church, Kansas City, MO

We all want diversity, but how can we invite and involve people different from ourselves? What makes the difference between real inclusiveness and window-dressing? Come participate in a sampling of the efforts to walk the talk at All Souls and learn about a range of programming and activities designed to lead the congregation toward becoming a mosaic of many colors.

A8: Try A Little Tenderness, Part 2

Rev. Dr. Laurel Hallman
First Unitarian Church, Dallas, TX

Continue the conversation from our keynote address on how we can create resilient, vital, and flexible congregations to meet the needs and challenges of today.

A9: The Family Chalice Project

Dr. Bill Doherty
First Universalist Church, Minneapolis, MN

Learn about two innovative ways to go deeper into our faith tradition: Spiritual Pressure Point groups for parents and other adults, and a family meal ritual that tells the creation stories of Unitarian Universalism and pulls us into the questions these stories pose today.

A10: What’s the Buzz on Youth Ministry? Part 1

Tom Rylett and Tandi Rogers Koerger
UUA Task Force on Youth Ministry

Join PSD youth and adults to discuss what Prairie Star is doing well and could share with the rest of the UUA, explore additional opportunities for youth, envision a vibrant PSD youth ministry, identify resources needed, and commit to action and follow-through. Plan to attend all three workshops on this topic to take full advantage of this chance to shape our future youth ministry.

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