B1: Through the Windows of Our Souls: Images of UU Faith

Rev. Laurie Bushbaum
UU Minister

Come join artist/minister Rev. Laurie Bushbaum to create a piece of community artwork that will be available to UU congregations in the district. Anyone can participate!

B2: Where Does Christianity Fit?

Mary R. Sawyer
Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Ames, IA

We all reject fundamentalist Christianity, but what about liberal/ progressive/ feminist/ liberationist expressions of Christianity? Explore what resources Unitarian Universalists can draw from Christianity to enhance our spirituality and to help live our principles. As we seek more inclusive communities, let us not exclude those who still have an affinity for the teachings of Jesus.

B3: Nurturing Your Professional Religious Educator Means Nurturing Your Community!

Benette Sherman and Other LREDA Officers

Liberal Religious Educators Association members will present on nurturing your professional religious educator (DREs, youth directors, volunteers) so they can continue to nurture your faith community. We will speak about covenanting, the credentialing program, professional development, Good Officers, and more. If your congregation wants a high-quality and meaningful lifespan faith formation program, then providing support, encouragement, and nurturance of your religious educator is necessary.

B4: Connecting Congregations Through Resource Sharing

Dawn Cooley
Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Ames, IA

Stonetree Congregational Resources is a practical application of the best inter-congregational communication: You refer people who have benefited your congregation through speaking, music, or other skills such as conflict management, so their skills can be shared with other UU congregations, and you find resources from other UUs that benefit your own. Learn to use Stonetree’s new version to gain the most benefits for minimal effort!

B5: Prairie Star District: Here to Serve You

Nancy Heege, District Executive;
Kathy Bowman and Libby Starling, District Board members

If you have a gripe, a wish, or an accolade, we’d like to hear from YOU! The District is evaluating the services we offer to ensure alignment with congregations' needs. Please join us for a lively discussion of current and future needed services.

B6: What’s the Score with SCORE?

Graham Kreicker and Rev. Lisa Schwartz
UU Fellowships of Lawrence and Topeka, KS

Come and hear about the continuing operation of the Southern Cluster Outreach & Extension (SCORE) lay/clergy partnership for growth and view a preview of plans for the coming year.

B7: Films, Faith, and Fellowship

Carolyn MacDonald and Mike McKelley
All Souls Unitarian Universalist Church, Kansas City, MO

Explore ideas about starting and running a film series, drawing from the positive experiences with a weekly documentary film series at All Souls UU Church in Kansas City. We will discuss the selection of films, including sources, screening rights and fees; the connection to social justice work; and opportunities for outreach to other community individuals and groups.

B8: Protecting Voting Rights
(the Cornerstone of UU and American Democratic Principles)

Jennifer Thomas and Carol Johnson
First Universalist Church of Minneapolis, MN

With the integrity of our elections seriously eroding, most Americans do not trust their outcome. In 2006, at least 80% of our votes will be tabulated by machines with documented security vulnerabilities. Protecting our access to voting and our voting process, so we can have confidence that the results reflect the people’s will, is the first step to achieve before we can realize gains on any progressive issues from the environment, to peace, reproductive rights, or civil liberties. Generations of women and people of color fought too long and hard to earn the right to vote; it is our duty to protect it. UUs must be leaders on this critical issue.

B9: Developing and Integrating a Parish Nursing Program

Workshop canceled.

B10: What’s the Buzz on Youth Ministry? Part 2

Tom Rylett and Tandi Rogers Koerger
UUA Task Force on Youth Ministry

This workshop continues the conversation begun in workshop A10.

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