The 44th Annual Meeting of Prairie Star District, UUA, will be held on Saturday, April 14, 2007, from 4:45 to 6:15 p.m., at the Minneapolis Marriott City Center, 30 South Seventh Street, Minneapolis, MN  55402. The agenda for the meeting includes adoption of the 2007–2008 Prairie Star District budget, the election for the positions shown in the report of the Nominating Committee, and such other matters as may properly come before the meeting.

Business Meeting Links

Delegate Counts A list by congregation of the number of delegates per congregation for 2007. Every affiliated congregation in good standing is entitled to a specific number of delegates who can vote at the meeting. The number of delegates is determined by number of congregation members.

PSD Budget 2007-2010 The proposed budgets will be printed in the Annual Report which will be distributed to all delegates at the Annual Conference.

Nominating Committee Report A list of the candidates for officers, directors, and others to lead Prairie Star District, with biographical information Voting Delegates Congregational Delegates

This year there is a new procedure for accrediting delegates.

The congregation should select its delegates according to its bylaws. An officer or the minister of the congregation must log on to a special section of the PSD Web site using a user name and password to enter the delegates' names before 4:00 PM on Thursday, April 12. The username and password will be sent to ministers and two officers of the congregation by mail with the Official Notice of the business meeting in mid-March. People who will be delegates should also register like other conference participants. (The accreditation process above does not do that; it merely identifies who the voting delegates are.) Delegates who have been accredited on the Web site must also sign in at the Registration desk at the Conference (before 3:15 PM on Saturday, April 14) to show that they are in attendance. They will then be given a sticker for their name badge indicating that they are entitled to vote. There will no longer be paper credentials to carry to the conference.

Each congregation may send as many participants to the conference as desired, but only the delegates accredited on the Web site will be able to vote. All conference participants including delegates should complete a Registration to attend the Annual Conference.

Other Delegates

Fellowshipped settled ministers and ministers emeritus are entitled to be delegates (in addition to the congregational selected delegates). Members of the PSD Board of Directors are also entitled to be delegates.

There will no longer be paper credentials for these delegates. Persons who are delegates by their ministerial or Board member status should sign in at the Conference (before 3:15 PM on Saturday, April 14) to show they are in attendance and will be given a sticker for their name badge indicating they are entitled to vote.

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