Fifth Anniversary Year!
Ashland, Nebraska
July 28 to August 2, 2013

Camp StarTrail has been cancelled for 2013 due to low registration.

Theme: Poetry and Justice

Adrienne Rich wrote, in her book of prose, What Is Found There: Notebooks on Poetry and Politics,

A revolutionary poem is written out of one individual's confrontation with his/her longings…any truly revolutionary art is an alchemy through which waste, greed, brutality, frozen indifference, 'blind sorrow,' and anger are transmitted into some drenching recognition of the What If?  -- the possible.  What if?  The first revolutionary question, the question the dying forces don't know how to ask.

What if the poets, not the policy makers, are the ones we need to save the polar bears, the quality of life for humanity, our own souls?  What trail of bread crumbs are they leaving for us to follow to freedom?

Camp StarTrail theme presentation will be an exploration of poetry old and new, explored with the intention of touching our sense of drenching recognition of the What If?

Featured Speakers

Theme Speaker: Rev. Meg Riley, Senior Minister Church of the Larger Fellowship

Chaplain and Vespers Leader: Rev. Kelli Clement, Executive Director Minnesota Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice