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Campers can choose from a variety of workshops and activities, some of which will last through the week, others of which might be offered just once.

We expect participants, too, will want to offer workshop choices. We’ll add these as we hear about them.

Workshops will be offered during the following times:

10:15 to 11:45 AM and1:30 to 3:00 PM and3:00 to 5:15 PM

A compl

ete schedule with all workshops will be ready when people arrive at camp.

Workshops and Interest Groups

Book Discussion Group

Led by Bob Miller

The book for a discussion group is Skeptics and True Believers – The Exhilarating Connection Between Science and Religion by Chet Raymo.

We’ll start each session by reading a passage that captures the main points of a particular chapter and then opening up a discussion about it.  Those who have read the book will have a deeper context for the discussion but anyone can come and join in and anyone can come to any session, each will be an independent discussion.

Here’s an except from the jacket: “Acknowledging that the scientific and the spiritual communities are increasingly split, Raymo builds strong bridges between them.  He illustrates his argument with an array of thought provoking stories such as the remarkable migratory flight of a small bird called the red knot and the long glorious glide of the comet Hyatutake across the night sky.  Together, they are compelling evidence that religion should embrace the reliable knowledge of the world that science provides, while at the same time science should respect and nourish humankind’s need for spiritual sustenance.  “ Miracles are explainable”, Raymo paraphrases the writer Tim Robinson, “it is the explanations that are miraculous”.

Writers' Group

Convened by Steve Enersen and Sondra Smalley

An informal group of writers will gather together at Camp StarTrail again this year. Writers are encouraged with prompts to write something each day to bring the next day to share. Could be a poem, an essay, a short play, a dialog, fiction, non-fiction—whatever the writer chooses. Each writer has the option of requesting feedback from the rest of the group or not.


Led by Rev. Kelli Clement and Pam Beall Vincent

A 2-session workshop on worship.

Topic to be a


Led by Rev. Kendyl Gibbons


Strike Up the Band!

Led by Bruce Van Bronkhorst

Older elementary kids are invited to join Bruce in an exploration of rhythm instruments in an afternoon workshop. Let’s make some NOISE!


Challenge Courses

Ropes courses for almost everyone – the camp has three different ropes courses, at different heights and for people with different skill levels. The rope course activities will be facilitated by the host camp’s professional staff.

Monday through Wednesday the option of a Challenge or Ropes couse will be available with pre-registration and additional fee. More information available soon.Alternatives

Participants have the option to use the workshop times to socialize, read, explore the camp, practice their talent show presentation, etc.