Camp StarTrail LogoAshland, Nebraska August 1–6, 2010


The theme for the session is “Seeds of a Spirited Life: How to increase love, patience, kindness in a life.” Our theme speaker, the Rev. Meg Barnhouse, will explore the following questions:

What might a spirited life look like? How do we know if we are growing one for ourselves and those who are in relationship with us? As those seeds grow, what does the flowering look like? What fruit do they produce? Not all spirited lives are the same. What is the one you would like to grow?

Featured Speakers

Meg Barnhouse Theme Speaker Rev. Meg Barnhouse, a UU minister, singer, songwriter, and humorist, will be the theme speaker. A popular presenter at UU summer camps, Meg is the author of a number of books and has released two CDs of her music.

Chaplain and Vespers Leader Rev. Mark Stringer will return for a second season.

More information about our speakers can be found on the Camp StarTrail Staff Page.

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