Unitarian Universalism and the Area That Was Prairie Star District

Bring, O Past, Your Honor is an indispensable resource for learning about the growth of Unitarianism and Universalist in the Upper Midwest. A product of the Prairie Star District Professional Leaders’ Retreat in April 1986, it contains essays on the regional development of our movement and histories of individual congregations.

Please note: the History and Heritage Committee has encouraged each congregation to post its history on its own Web site rather than submit it to us for the online Bring, O Past, Your Honor. Therefore, please regard Bring, O Past, Your Honor only as a source for the history of a defunct congregation or one that has not updated its history since 1986 or posted that history on its own Web site.

Ronald Knapp, Editor

Electronic Version Prepared 2004 and Adapted for the Web 2005-06

Historical Essays and Congregational Histories