The main purpose of the Prairie Star District’s Growth Program Area was to foster the growth of Unitarian Universalism within the District working as a team with District staff to nurture both established and new congregations to grow and thrive.

The Growth Area Vision

Our existing and new congregations are vibrant, growing places where members invite their friends and visitors want to return, and are a positive force in their communities.

Growth Strategies

In his book, More Than Numbers, Loren Mead describes four areas of congregational growth:

  • Numerical Growth includes numbers of adults, children and youth attending regularly; attracting, integrating and retaining members.
    Served by PSD Growth Program Area
  • Maturational Growth includes lifespan faith development, worship, religious education, small group ministries.
    Served by PSD Lifespan Faith Development Program Area, Annual Conference, Camps and Conferences, Stonetree
  • Organic Growth includes creating healthy congregations, effective professional and lay leadership.
    Served by Leadership Development Program Area, Midwest Leadership School, Annual Conference
  • Social-Incarnational Growth includes community service and social justice activities.
    Served by PSD Social Justice Program Area

Numerical growth occurs in congregations that are effective in the last three areas. Yet, without strategies for publicity, outreach, welcoming visitors and integrating new members, growth cannot happen.

PSD growth strategies focused integration of services across our existing program areas.