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Daniel_OConnellAnnual Report 2010

T.S. Eliot said April is the cruelest month, but I don’t think so. Many of us look at the coming end of the program year with a sense of relief and thanksgiving.

I am concluding my 7th year on your district board– a term and a half as ministerial trustee, and one term as your president. I look back at all your district board and leaders have accomplished– from completing implementation of policy governance, to establishment of a sermon contest, to a complete rewrite of the bylaws, to an overhaul of the nominating committee structure and election process, to electing the youngest UUA trustee, to the many hours Ian, Dori, and their staff have put in to make us the showcase district that we are to the rest of the Association.

Your district board has traveled to congregations from the snowy reaches of Wisconsin through the windswept plains of Missouri. We have met with local lay leaders, made plans, laughed, prayed, worked hard, and thoroughly enjoyed each other’s company.

Our purpose has been to “work to support, enrich, and extend Unitarian Universalism in our area.” And our ministers and lay people have started new congregations, made connections with old ones, and sought to spread the good news of our religion.  Some wonder why anyone would serve on a district board– and give up a half dozen Friday nights and Saturday days to mostly sit around talking and listening and dreaming.

George Bernard Shaw says “...the true joy in life, [is] being used for a purpose recognized by yourself as a mighty one; [and] being thoroughly worn out before you are thrown onto the scrap heap.”  Your district board recognizes our purpose as a “mighty one,” and I feel privileged to have served it, and to have been some small part of our common endeavors.


Daniel O'Connell
President, CMwD