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denisetracyAnnual Report 2012

This has been a successful year for the Women and Religion Committee.  We associated ourselves with the District and came into full relationship with CMD.  We have changed some of our policies to comply with the District and are happy about our change in status.

Our summer program, held at Ronora, was in retreat format in a casual setting.  40 women attended and communally shared meals, housing and did the dishes together.  The program was called, “Women of Strength".  Workshops, worship and relaxation gave everyone a restful summer  experience.

Our winter program “Heart Pulse: Journey Into Sacred Sound” was held at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Rockford, IL.  Ragani, an inspiring lifelong devotee of yoga, meditation and complementary healing medicine, was our speaker.  Her presence was nourishing and her story was captivating.  Her keynote speech was followed by an all conference workshop on meditation.  On Saturday night her band her joined her for a sung Kirtan meditation session.  The church was full  to capacity and everyone experienced singing and the music of inner peace and inspiration.  Ragani, who had only attended one Sunday church service ever in her life, preached at both Sunday services.  Her sermon was spiritual and uplifting!

In addition there were 14 workshops and opening and closing worship services .  The local committee of five women was extraordinary.  Representatives from both the Rockford and Rockton churches were on the committee.  Shayne Baker, Jan Henningsen, Judy Pickle, Holly Hansen and Milli Fleer were the five Goddesses who hosted and put on one of the best conferences we remember attending!

This spring we will be reviewing our technologies.  Our web site and registration system need to be revised.  We will also be brainstorming ways to build up our summer retreat attendance.

Our Womanspirit 2013 will be held In Wisconsin at UUCW in Brookfield., the first weekend of February.
We have a contract with Feminist singer and songwriter, Holly Near, who will give a keynote, an all conference workshop and Saturday night will sing in concert.  She also will be providing sermons for both Sunday services.

We recruited new members and our committee is filled.  We are now a portfolio Board. 
Jessica Hunsberger,  Chair of Summer Retreat at Ronora
Lauree Brown, Past Chair
Lee Breeggemann, Treasurer
Jan Hennigsen, Secretary and 2013  WWS Advisor
Amy Shaw, Computer, Web site and Conference Registrar
Kathy Bradshaw, Chair, Winter Conference 2013

Respectfully Submitted,

Denise Tracy

Chair, CMwD Women & Religion