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Gretchen2011 by AaronAnnual Report 2012

This year we've spent some time thinking and talking about, and testing our new Regional website, www.midamericauua.org. A growing new feature is the organization into areas of interest. As our CMwD moves toward combining with the two Districts to the East and West of us, this will be the go-to place for congregational resources in the MidAmerica Region! We have:

  • Announcements and links to upcoming programs and events of interest to members in the entire region; we are working on a geographic locator so you will be able to find events in your interest area that are also in your geographic area regardless of District.
  • Links back to the original web sites of the three constituent districts, CMwD, Prairie Star and Heartland.
  • Area-of-interest pages with information specific to Faith Development and Religious Education; another to events of interest to Youth and Young Adults; and a new page specifically for Social Justice. Each one has its own calendar, articles and resource links.
  • The Social Justice page invites you to write your own story and add your congregation's events to share with others who visit our web site. Check it out!  Tell us what’s happening in your congregation to further the cause of Social Justice for all.

We're all working on getting into the habit of figuring out which news needs to be on District sites, and what needs to be on the Region website. Much of the news from the MidAmerica site will also be posted to Facebook and Twitter. We've set that up with a one-click option the article's author can choose.
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A metamorphosis quietly took place in 2011 as our monthly newsletter transitioned to a more timely news-now format. Rather than gather the latest news items as a full-length read, we are sending announcements and items of interest individually, hoping that will be more in tune with everyone's busy lives and e-mail boxes!

On technical matters, because we see more than our fair share of spam and e-mail scams, when there is specific advice we can offer, we post it in our Communications blog on www.cmwd-uua.org.

How can our District web tools be more useful to you and your congregation? I invite you to contact us any time with your ideas and questions.



Communications Coordinator