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Peggy_June_2009Annual Report 2012

Much of the District Administrator’s job is to manage financial, regulatory and corporate requirements for the District.  This includes accounting for payables and receivables and reporting on them, reporting to government agencies and to our Board of Trustees through the Finance Working Group. 

In addition, we provide support for the Board of Trustees and their meetings.  I help with both logistics and preparing discussion and informational documents for the Board’s consideration.

Another aspect of the position is to help organize events and prepare registration for District workshops and major events like District Assembly.  We also help manage the physical logistics for these meetings, as well as the printed materials and documents associated with them.  Some of this takes a substantial amount of time.  For example, preparations for this year’s District Assembly began last August!

We are proud to report that in our annual financial consultation with our CPA, he declared that our accounting systems were in such good shape that he felt they were “fully auditable” right out of the block for the first time since he has been working with us.  As for the financials themselves, while the Treasurer will report more fully, our status is in good shape, with at this time more than six months of reserves available for contingencies.

The District Administrator also supports and tracks Chalice Lighters, maintaining the database of contributors and contributions, providing documents and information and managing grant applications for the Chalice Lighter Committee’s review.  The Chalice Lighters program has been providing financial grants to existing and emerging congregations since 1996.  Since then we have given grants to more than 40 congregations in excess of $350,000.  Grants can be requested in one of four areas: to

  • Support a new or emerging congregation.
  • Acquire or expand meeting space for an existing congregation.
  • Increase paid professional staffing.
  • Establish outreach and public relations programs.

Our most recent Call for contributions, the Winter 2012 Call, began in January and will go through March 15.  It is for support of a UU-based radio program “Food for the Soul” requested by a consortium of Chicago area UU churches: Third Unitarian Church of Chicago,  Unity Temple of Oak Park IL, and DuPage UU Congregation of Naperville, IL. 

If your church has a good idea for which you’d like some financial support, please let us know and fill out an application for a Chalice Lighter Grant.  The application deadline for the Spring 2012 Call is February 15, 2012.

The participation in the effort to simplify our access to congregational leadership information is becoming more and more widespread.  This allows us to obtain the updated information from the same place the UUA does, so you, our congregations, only have to make your updates in one place. 

While it is the CMwD staff’s responsibility to keep the usual tasks, projects and events going as they normally would be, we have also been working on aspects of the Regionalization of the CMwD, Prairie Star and Heartland Districts, which we are hoping to be approved and implemented effective July 1, 2013.  There has been excellent cooperation among the staffs of all three districts.  For example, among other things, I have been working with the District Executives and Administrators of PSD and HLD to reconcile three accounting systems.  In addition, the three District Administrators meet in a phone conference most months to discuss areas of interest and share hints and ideas.


District Administrator