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District Administration

It's ComiPeggy Boccardng! Besides the usual tasks managing financial, regulatory and corporate requirements for the District, the big focus this past year has been on moving toward consolidating administrations of the three districts in the MidAmerica area into a single working group. 

Preliminary organizational work has been done (see the article on the Deep Generalists by Nancy Heege explaining the new operations).  In addition, in the new organization there will be a full-time Regional Administrator I, Sarah Greene, now District Administrator at Prairie Star District; a half-time Regional Administrator II, Peggy, now District Administrator at Central Midwest District; and in charge of coordinating all technical issues, Gretchen, who is doing the job now.  We are in the process of working out specifics of the operations even now.  We've begun work on a consolidated accounting Chart of Accounts; vehicles for regular Communications with you, our constituent congregations; what kind and how we'll be holding large meetings (district assemblies, a regional assembly, area assemblies - All to be worked out.)

In the meantime, please be making plans to have full representation for your congregation at this year's District Assembly as we will be voting on whether to consolidate not just administrative operations, but the organizational existance of the Central Midwest District, the Prairie Star District to our west and Heartland District to our east into a new and vibrant MidAmerica Region.  We'll be meeting April 26 to 28 at the Marriott Milwaukee West in Waukesha WI.  Check out the DA page HERE


District Administrator


Gretchen-2013The single largest change this year was the establishment of a new position of Tech Coordinator for the MidAmerica Region. I applied for and got the new job. As of July first the Tech coordinator became responsible for the websites and online programs of the Heartland and Prairie Star districts along with CMwD. The nascent MidAmericaUUA.org website quickly became more active.

Event registration has been a large area of focus, as we began to add Webinars and other smaller events to the online system on the MidAmerica site. So far we've also managed to switch two of the three District Assemblies to that system.

Collaborating with the three District Administrators, we've also worked on consolidating the District online calendars and establishing a central spot for committee, board and staff communications about the Regionalization process.

If it seems that things have been proceeding a bit piecemeal, they have. Once we began the process we determined that changing systems one block at a time allowed us to assimilate the new features in manageable chunks.

Changes and improvements are being made as we go along, and will probably continue for another year as we all adjust to new ways of working together to serve congregations.


Technology Coordinator, MidAmerica Region UUA