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ian2012Dori2011-smThe past two years have been a momentous time for the three districts of our MidAmerica Region.  Last year (2011-2012) we began developing a joint administrative and program structure that will allow us to serve you in new ways even as it reduces costs and frees resources for new endeavors.  This year (2012-2013) the boards of our three districts have taken the lead in creating a proposal for a regional governance structure led by a new regional board.   Now at this assembly, you, the delegates to our Central MidWest District Assembly, make the crucial decision of whether to endorse this proposal. 

We commend our CMWD board along with the boards of the Heartland and Prairie Star Districts in their deep and thoughtful work on every detail of this proposal, on their careful communication with you as it developed, and on integrating many rounds of your suggestions into the proposal.  The work of our boards in this region is something for us to be proud of and has set a very high standard for other regions.  The result is that—if the proposal is approved by our three districts—you will have an exceptionally capable structure with which to work with our staff in envisioning how we together can act most effectively, both locally in our region and for the larger purposes of our association, as you hold us accountable for our part in that work. We on the staff endorse this proposal and look forward to working with the new regional board.

This proposal for working as a regional arises out of the same questions every congregation must wrestle with of focus on mission, sustainability, and agile response to shifting needs.  We all need to create structures which empower and which do the best job of both focusing and freeing energy for support of crucial work.  We write this report as the Supreme Court considers two important cases bearing on marriage equality and so are reminded of the many issues facing us in our work in the world as we stand, not only in our congregations but also in our region—together--on the Side of Love.  

The challenge for us this year has been to continue to serve you even as we worked to create new frameworks.  We thank you for both the massive support you have given us in this and the patience and understanding you have shown when we have been slower than usual in responding to your requests.  We look forward to getting beyond this time of structural preoccupation and getting back to what we love, working with you, in new ways and old, face-to-face and online.
It is an honor to serve you. We thank you for all you are contributing to creating our new ways of working.


Ian and Dori