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Nancy Armstrong 06-2009It has been my pleasure to serve as the treasurer of CMwD this year.  Warren Thom had done such a great job as treasurer for the past 6 years, that the transition was a smooth one. I want to thank our congregations for their continuing support of the District/Region. The CMwD board and staff are committed to conscientious stewardship of the District’s resources.

The finances of the district are generally sound, but there were several factors last year that created a significant impact on our reserves and our budget.  As congregations continued to recover from the drop in income precipitated by the 2008/09 recession, giving to the district lagged behind and we will not fully realize the income that we projected for FY 2013.  We also approved a small, unexpected increase in staff salaries, in keeping with guidelines proposed by the UUA after our budget was approved.  While we also saved some money when the technology administrator position was reorganized as a region-wide position, our operating budget deficit will be somewhat larger than we projected.   We made the first payment towards our commitment for regionalization transition expenses from our reserves which reduced our reserves despite an increase in value of our market-based mutual funds.  The UUA granted the transition effort $20,000 and while there are expenses still to come, the transition process may cost less than anticipated.

My efforts this year have largely focused on the future financial policies and health of the proposed Mid America Region.  I continue to be inspired by the leadership and dedication of the three district boards and the regional staff.