Justine Urbikas, UU Trustee In my July 2008 article I touched on the UUA presidential election that we will be taking place at General Assembly in Salt Lake City June 24-28, 2009.  The UUA Board established that Trustees would remain neutral from supporting either candidate until the end of GA 2008.  That time has come and gone, a few trustees have announced their support for one candidate or the other, and a few others have participated in a discussion as to their thoughts and feelings about remaining neutral or not.

I thought I would use this time to explain my thoughts and the process through which I will be going through up until the election.  As a Trustee I not only will have a fair amount of opportunities for interaction with the two candidates, but I also spend a fair amount of time with other people who have worked with them in the past and know them well.  This positions me to learn a great deal about the candidates. I met the Rev. Dr. Laurel Hallman and the Rev. Peter Morales both for the first time at the January '08 meeting of the UUA Board, and they will be joining our meetings until the election.  Don't forget about the candidate's forum from GA in Ft. Lauderdale.

Shortly after I got home from Florida I got a phone call from Peter and a letter from Laurel.  They both wanted the same thing, to talk with the members of the Board of Trustees individually and to answer any questions we may have, and of course, to solicit our support.

I told Peter on the phone what I had come up with as of yet: I will not be wearing buttons and the like for either of the candidates but instead share my thoughts and experiences of each of them with whoever would like to know.  Those thoughts and experiences at the time being extend to things that I like about each of them, and things I'm not so hot on.

So far, neither stands higher than the other in my book.  Anyone is invited to talk to me about their questions and concerns.  I will be sharing more specific thoughts in a later article closer to voting time after I have spent more time with the candidates.  But for now, I encourage everyone to think about what each of these candidates could offer to their individual congregation if elected, and to our Association.

Linda Laskowski, Trustee from the Pacific Central District, discusses these two strong candidates in her blog, and of course there are sure to be updates on Philocrites by UU World editor Chris Walton.  The UUA has also established an election web page, from which you can subscribe to a list serve for updates.