CMWD Youth Council is a new opportunity and event we have created this year for youth in our district to connect, share resources, receive leadership training and participate in the democratic process. We need your assistance in finding and selecting youth from your congregation.

For many years our youth leadership has been elected at our youth conferences. This excluded youth who could or did not attend district youth conferences from participating in the elections of district youth leaders and running as candidates. District youth leaders and staff have worked to create a new model this year, Youth Council, to allow representation from all the youth in our district. Our District Youth Steering Committee (DYSC) will be elected by our Youth Council. DYSC is responsible for overseeing youth conferences, training, policies and resources for the youth in our district.

This year, we are asking that each congregation sponsor and send two youth to Youth Council on July 11-12 in Park Forest, Il at the UU Community Church for an evening and day of leadership training, planning area youth events, and elections.  There is no cost to register for Youth Council; it is fully sponsored by the district!

Youth will need assistance in providing and finding safe transportation to and from Youth Council.

Our hope is to have representation from each of our congregations at Youth Council and we need your help! We ask that your congregation youth group spend some time choosing or electing two youth to attend and represent your congregation at Youth Council this year. We ask that the youth chosen are not seniors, as they will need to be serving as youth representatives in the next year. We will also be looking for 6-10 youth advisors to attend. Registration information and updates can be found on our district youth webpage.

Please let me know if you have any questions, concerns, ideas.

Thanks for your help!