Church on Loan: a program for Small Groups from the Church of the Larger Fellowship

How can the Church on Loan (now called Church OnLine) program help a UU group? COL will help you

  • plan and present effective and meaningful worship services
  • offer easy-to-teach religious education programs
  • provide easy-to-prepare study programs to expand opportunities for adults to interact

Who Should Enroll? Does your UU group

  • include fewer than 50 people?
  • rely primarily on lay leaders?
  • meet at least twice a month?
  • seek new ideas, energy and resources?

More information about the Church on Loan program, including sample resources, an online application, and fees:

For more information on the Church OnLine service, offered by the Church of the Larger Fellowship, contact Church OnLine at the CLF.

Call: 1-617-948-6150 or 00-1-617-948-6150

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Proceeds support CLF's work to bring Unitarian Universalism to isolated religious liberals throughout the world.