Kay Wikel, CMwD Board VP Committed, involved, informed, responsible, and available are the characteristics that I look for in a nominee when I am serving on a nominating committee.  As we turn our calendars into 2008 there will be many Unitarian Universalists serving on these committees in their local congregations along with those serving on our district nominating committee.

It is important that we think of the role of the nominating committee as being given the opportunity and responsibility to find the right person to fill a vacancy and NOT to “find someone to take that job.” Especially in small congregations we often have the latter mentality.

In considering potential nominees, we should first articulate the strengths and gifts that each person brings to the position and board on which he or she will serve. Boards take on different personalities and this also has to be taken into consideration when the nominating committee begins its selection process.

Each member of the nominating committee should list the strengths and gifts of the suggested nominee and articulate these when asking someone to agree to become part of the nomination slate. That way people will know why they are being asked to serve in this capacity.

We have to understand that a well functioning nominating committee is crucial to the operation of the governing board, as it is this committee that brings the nominees before the congregation or the district assembly.  It is equally important that those who become part of the nominating committee work together to create the best possible slate of nominees. This is an opportunity and a challenging task.

Kay Wikel
CMwD Vice President