CMwD has received word of many candlelight vigils being held around the country in support of the congregation in Knoxville.

The UUA website is keeping track of many of these gatherings here.

UU World Magazine is posting current information and a comprehensive collection of links to news here.

Rev. Sinkford traveled to Knoxville and conducted a service Monday, July 28, at the Second Presbyterian Church, the neighbor of TVUUC’s who sheltered those fleeing from the shooting.

If you feel the call to do something in your own congregation, here are a few quick links to what others are doing.

  • UUA MESSAGE BOARD OPEN. You can post messages of support to TVUUC here:
  • Support messages can also be posted on a Facebook entry, "Thoughts and Prayers "
  • Chicago Area UU Councils' response.
  • A Circle of Remembrance & Healing was facilitated by Selena Fox at a Circle Sanctuary event Friday, August 1. Circle Sanctuary also e-mailed a message of suport.
  • Summer WomanSpirit attendees asked the visiting Rev. Dorothy Emerson (Medford, MA) to conduct a ritual of remembrance on Friday, August 1 at Ronora Lodge in Watervliet, Michigan.
  • First U South Bend will hold a special service Monday evening, August 4, at 7:00 pm (Eastern time)
  • North Shore Unitarian Church vigil Wednesday July 30 at 7:00 PM in the sanctuary -- Rev Gary James
  • Unitarian Church of Evanston held a vigil Monday night, led by Summer Minister David Pyle (TVUUC was David’s first UU church) and the Rev. Barbara Pescan.
  • UU Fellowship of Elkhart, Indiana gathered Tuesday and Wednesday night to create peace flags to send to the Knoxville church.
  • Rev. Suzelle Lynch at UU Church West in Brookfield, WI gathered members on Tuesday at 7 for a service of community and hope.
  • Rev. EmmyLou Belcher of DuPage UU Church says they are giving time on Sunday to write a card and send folded peace cranes to the TVUUC congregation.
  • Eliot Chapel in Kirkwood, MO held a memorial service on Wednesday evening.
  • UU Congregation of Atlanta held a vigil Monday night.
  • Richmond, VA UU churches held a Flower Communion service on Tuesday evening.
  • Holston Valley UU Church (Gray, TN) had a candlelight vigil on Sunday the 27th
  • Downtown community of Knoxville gathered for a prayer service at First Baptist Church – Tuesday 11:30 am

If you could not gather your community Monday evening, you may wish to light a candle as an individual, knowing many others are doing the same thing.

The UUA offers resources for trauma response:

The UU Trauma Ministry Team’s website also has resources:

Bloggers are commenting (, and the support is pouring in from more than just UU churches. Search “tvuuc” and you’ll find messages of solidarity from other churches in the wake of this tragedy.

What Can We Do? See article.

The Summer Minister of the Unitarian Church of Evanston and Meadville-Lombard student David Pyle is also our CMw District Office Assistant. His letter of appreciation for TVUUC members, and message of solace are here.