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CONspiracy A spine-tingling journey into faith, politics and our belief system.  It will be an opportunity to explore new and exciting avenues of adventure, all with a spy-themed twist for fun. At the end of this month the district young adult conference will be at North Shore Unitarian Church in Deerfield, IL. In this election year, we decided to explore the questioning side of our Unitarian Universalist tradition and have chosen the spring conference theme of CONspiracy: What Do you Believe?

This year our spring conference has been moved to a late date with the intention of inviting seniors who are bridging from youth to young adults and also to welcome back returning students home from campus.   The truth is that eighty percent of our youth leave Unitarian Universalism and never return, and we plan on changing that!  Please take some time to think of any young adults who might be interested in reconnecting to our faith and share this information them via e-mail or our flyer.

In preparation for CONspiracy we are thrilled to offer some fascinating workshops: War Profiteering, Alternative Media, Cults, American Fascism, Business of Birth, 9/11, and Mask Making.  It is our pleasure to welcome back Adam Higgins, a theatre improve artist from Chicago to lead us in some fun-filled community building activities. We also welcome the Rev. David Owen O’Quill to lead us in our worship service Saturday night.   The rest of the conference will be filled with the great food of Chris Hagy.  Stratas and pasta bar are promised, together with an evening of games during Casino Night.

On Saturday we will elect three new YASC (Young Adult Steering Committee) members, two at-large positions and a secretary.  YASC members have regular conference calls and meet throughout the year to plan three district young adult events, to plan young adult presence at our district assembly and to promote young adult ministry throughout our district.   We are thankful for our long-time outgoing members Myke Cowen-Nissan and Meredith Beckman.  Meredith now serves on the District Board.  We are looking forward to discovering who our new members will be.

For all the information on CONspiracy: What Do You Believe, including registration, scholarship information and our schedule, please go to http://cmwd-uuyan.org. Hope to See you there!