Dori Davenport ThextonFor those of you who were with us in St. Louis or who read Ian's column in the May 08 Midwesterner, you know about the unfortunate circumstances of our keynote presenter who got the flu at the last minute and was unable to join us. 

To ensure that proper recognition and thanks are publicly made, we owe a deep debt of gratitude to the congregational leaders who stepped in at the last minute to provide a lively panel discussion on the key issues they see for healthy, thriving congregations in the 21st Century.

Thanks go to religious educator Lynn Hunt (newly credentialed - congratulations!) from 1st St. Louis and ministers Krista Taves, Ellisville, MO; Suzelle Lynch, Brookfield, WI; Khleber VanZandt, Alton, IL; Roger Bertschausen, Appleton, WI; and Paul Beckel, Wausau, WI.

You can read more about this panel discussion by visiting our district web site and clicking on "News," then on Midwesterner, then on the May issue, or by visiting this "tiny URL" I created: