SOme_KindjpgOctober 22nd kicked off the highly anticipated youth conference “Some Con-a-Wonderful.” About 270 youth and advisors showed up to this conference, making it the largest gathering of UU’s in all of Central Midwest District. Youth began by checking in, running around hugging friends, signing up for workshops, then gathered for opening words and rules. Youth were divided into their touch groups and started get to know each other. Youth proceeded to attempt at sleep, but not all succeeded.

Saturday morning kicked off with the usual long breakfast line. Each touch group designed a chalice using one color per person. The group had to work together to make something beautiful, while letting each member express themselves individually.  Morning workshops followed including a wide range of possibilities: Pokémon, extreme sock puppets, Henna, philosophical thinking, Dungeons and Dragons, friendship bracelet making, yoga, gay/straight fishbowl, school reform, the future of youth cons, a jam session, singing meditation, and Star Wars.  Lunch followed the workshops; and then there was another touch group meeting.  By this time touch groups were beginning to really get to know each other, and shared how their Con experiences were going so far. Most groups started to tell scary stories, and played Ninja. Next were the afternoon workshops, which included many of the same options as the morning with an addition of a workshop on the future of the District Youth Steering Committee.

The social action project for this Con was an informative meeting on the Standing on the Side of Love.  The presentation included several short videos, and stories. The rest of the time was spent discussing SSL within individual touch groups. The discussions branched out to include how different congregations are involved in their communities and work with other faith groups for a common cause.  Dinner was served with two hours of free time given before worship. Some used this free time for Wink, a popular competitive wrestling game. Worship was beautiful and included songs, original poetry, and unconditional love. The dance followed soon thereafter with eighties music to the joy and dismay of the youth. The evening closed off with coffee house, a talent show/open mike that lasted well into the night.

Sunday started off bright and early, or more accurately rainy and early, with youth cleaning up and putting the church back into place. Closing was held outside in the cold rain, with the sanctuary put back into order. Good-byes were said and many hugs were exchanged. Until next Con everyone will be in each other’s hearts, and we would like to thank Unity Temple UU Congregation for putting on this amazing event and Rockford UU Congregation for being the physical host.

By Elias Waddington & Theresa Kennedy ( members of DYSC-District Youth Steering Committee)