Central Midwest District
You'll notice that most of the articles in the June 2008 Midwesterner are about some aspect of leadership.  One of the primary things we do in our district is support leaders...both lay and professional leaders, in a wide variety of the many dimensions of leadership.  Leadership encompasses everything from the most basic nuts and bolts, like how to run an effective meeting - to healthy engagement in a major controversial issue.  To this end, we are pleased to offer a variety of events this coming fall to support your congregational leaders and help your congregations grow organizationally and spiritually.  (Watch our district online calendar for updates and registration information)  

First off, we will be offering our first online workshops, jointly sponsored by the three Midwestern UUA districts (Prairie Star, Central Midwest & Heartland).
Dates and topics for these - watch for more information through our leadership list serves:
  • August 6 & 14, 7:00-8:30 PM;  10 Good Ideas on Getting Ready for a New Church Year
  • September 11 & 16, 7:00-8:30 PM; 10 Good Ideas on Effective Meeting Leadership
  • October 1 & 14, 7:00-8:30 PM; 10 Good Ideas for Building Multigenerational Community
  • November 13 & 18, 7:00-8:30 PM; 10 Good Ideas for Adding a Service
Our Midwest Leadership School will be held again this year, July 20-26 in Beloit, WI,  with Angela Merkert as the Leadership & Organizational Development presenter.  There are a couple of openings still available; visit www.uumwls.org.


Saturday, 9/13 - Conference & workshops for Small and Emerging Congregations, location TBA in southeastern Wisconsin

Saturday, 9/27 - Two events in the St. Louis area
  • Youth Advisor Convocation and Continuing Education
  • Workshop on Leadership Development basics and Marketing/Publicity

Saturday, 10/18 - Growth conference & workshops, Unitarian Church North in Mequon, WI


Saturday, 11/1 - Presidents' Roundtable, St. Louis area  (a northern area one will be scheduled in January)

Saturday, 11/15 - Creative and Contemporary Worship Workshop, led by Marcia McFee, North Shore UU Church, Deerfield, IL.  We are very pleased to bring Dr. McFee to our district, following the highly acclaimed worship workshop she led in San Diego last year.


We hope you will join us for at least one of these events in the fall!

There are also 5 facilitator trainings for the Cakes for the Queen of Heaven curriculum - consult the district calendar for dates & locations.

As always, please stay in touch and share with us any comments or questions.

Dori Davenport Thexton
(yes, a new name...I got married on May 18!)
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