Rev. Brian Covell, Third U ChicagoWe are very pleased to pass along some information about a new course offering for lay leaders at Meadville Lombard. Rev. Brian Covell, minister at Third Unitarian Church in Chicago, will be teaching this class. It sounds like a great learning opportunity!

Please visit the Meadville-Lombard's website for more information.

Lay Leadership Development and Change Management Meadville Lombard Theological School Fall 2008

Ministers in the liberal church have been historically expected to identify and assist capable congregants to serve in lay leadership capacities. As congregations grow, or stay rooted in conflict, the success or failure of liberal ministries may well depend on their ability to support healthy and effective lay leader functioning. This course, comprised of three Friday through Saturday weekend dates in Fall 2008, is designed to help fourth-year seminarians (post-internship), ordained ministers and committed lay leaders to become acquainted with the paradigms, problem-solving and relational skills necessary for effective lay leadership development. The course will be led by the Reverend Brian Covell, minister at Third Unitarian Church of Chicago, who will serve as the John Lester Young Minister-in-Residence at Meadville for Fall 2008.

The dates are as follows: Friday-Saturday, October 3-4; Friday-Saturday, October 24-25; Friday-Saturday November 14-15, 2008.

Selected texts include:
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