justine07.jpgBy the time you read this I’ll most likely be in Boston for the fall quarterly meeting of the UUA Board. The meeting is going to be jam packed as we enter into the election year for a new president of the UUA and finish up the policy governance manual. The electronic version of the Board packet is here.

Most of the meetings of the UUA Board are on pretty tight schedules, but I’m pretty sure this one is going to take the cake. The entire Board and some of the staff will be joining the candidates for president at the New England Regional Gathering. We will be meeting in Worcester, MA at the gathering for UUs from Clara Barton, Ballou Channing, Mass Bay, and Northern New England districts.

This is one of the incredibly rare, if ever, times that the Board will leave its den on Beacon Hill. The travel aspect of this meeting got me thinking about the discussions that both the UUA Board and the Central Midwest District Board have had around utilization of technology, our resources, and time together.

The decision to take the entire 24 person Board and several staff persons to Worchester was part of utilizing the regional gathering taking place not too far, where the UUA Presidential candidates will already be and we will be able to have a conversation with, to use John Carver’s Policy Governance language, our *gulp* ‘owners.’

For the next CMwD Board meeting will be "meeting" virtually: via teleconference and the internet. We discussed what conversations we can and cannot have in the virtual meeting space such as certain budgetary conversations and the November meeting will be virtual instead of in February when we will have conversations prior to District Assembly and the elections within our own District which will be taking there.

Knowing that I’m not the only one thinking of ways in which we all can be more environmentally friendly, especially when it involves travel across distances or large amounts of waste, think of ways that your church board or your committee can generate less things that go into landfills. For example: in a move to kill fewer trees the UUA Board will cease to receive printed board packets.

I’d love to hear what ideas you come up with, or just hearing from you in general.

Justine Urbikas
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