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Bloomington, IL

Friday, April 29, 2011

  • Call to Order
  • Chalice Lighting & Affirmation of Covenant:

We, the people of the Central Midwest District, affirm the UU principles and purposes as a guide to align our actions with our values.  We covenant in word and deed, with a spirit of acceptance, reason and compassion, voicing our concerns, and using grace in disagreement.

  • Secretary affirms quorum: announce number of delegates, number of congregations
  • Questions about Printed Reports (President's, UUA Trustee, District Staff, APF Representative)
  • Treasurer’s Report & Presentation of Budget
  • Comments on Future Budgeting
  • Statement on Co-Employment and Regional Cooperation
  • New Business
    • By-laws Revisions (Resolution attached)
  • Old Business
  • Nominating Committee Report and Election (Ballot attached if needed)
  • Adjournment

Period for Announcements

Rev. Brian Covell


Proposed Amendments to the By-laws

WHEREAS, the Board of Trustees of the Central Midwest District of the Unitarian Universalist Association (the “District”) has reviewed the By-laws of the District; and

WHEREAS, the Board of Trustees recommends that certain sections of the By-laws be updated;

Now, therefore be it

RESOLVED, that the By-laws of the Central Midwest District of the UUA shall be amended as follows:

Article III, Section 3(b), remove references to “the Director of Religious Education.”

Article IV, Section 3 (c), substitute for “proposed”, “Board approved.”

Article IV, Section 5, append “Consideration of resolutions without prior notice and discussion of said resolution shall last no more that 20 minutes combined, pending parliamentary procedure.  The Chair or his or her designee may defer any decision on a resolution to the assemblage for a majority approval.”

Article V, Section 3, amend sentence 3 to read “The UUA trustee shall be nominated by petition and elected in the manner prescribed by these by-laws for no more than 2 terms.”

Article V, section 4 (a), amend sentence 1 to read “All elections herein provided for shall be conducted by submitting ballots for this purpose to the member congregations...”

Article V, Section 4 (b) amend sentence 1 to read, “Delegates may cast ballots by mail, absentee, electronic transmission, or in person at the annual meeting as specified in the notice of meeting.”

Article VII, Section 1 (a), to append “The Board shall approve a proposed budget for the next fiscal year at the quarterly meeting prior to District Assembly.”


A copy of the By-laws showing proposed changes may be found HERE.