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peggy.jpgDistrict Assembly 2009 was great, from my seat in the universe!  Yes, we worked our respective tails off getting everything organized just so, and it paid off.  Were there any glitches?  Of course—there always are—but nothing what wasn’t easily manageable.  We got everything we needed to take prepared and packed neatly in marked plastic cases, and didn’t pack anything we didn’t need.  We got smart and rented ourselves a van to carry everything to the Marriott, so that all we had to do going in and coming back was pack everything back in cases, load them into the van, and go.

The folks at the Waukesha Marriott were outstanding, and the rooms and the food were excellent.  The large gatherings were inspiring, and the workshops and the Keynote and Presidential Candidates Forum were informative.

One of the brightest spots of the weekend was how the Media Team process worked.  They were able to set up recording devices at almost all of the workshops, and if you go back to the Web Site, you’ll find the link to get to them.

We had a rehash meeting about a week later, and came up with some really good ideas for next year.  One of the keys is, we will have a larger team working on getting DA organized:  we’ll have someone to manage workshops and assist Presenters; someone specifically to mange and assist Exhibitors and Vendors; and someone to handle publicity.

In addition, we found that the table we expropriated for the Media Team became Tech Central for folks looking for information on the use of technology in their congregations as well as a central place for the Media Team to work from.  That will become a planned fixture for DA in the future, and it will be manned at all time the Registration is open and there will be folks who can show you what we’ve been doing and answer your questions.

All in all, I think a good time was had by all!

Peg Boccard
District Office Manager