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Morning Workshops

Regionalization and What it Means

Ask questions of the Presidents of CMwD, Heartland and Prairie Star one last time before the vote. Bring your questions and hear about the upcoming changes and the positive results which regionalization could bring. Facilitated by Rev. Bill Sasso, President of the Central Midwest District along with Jeff Reed, Vice President of the CMwD Board.

Meet the Fahs Collaborative

Explore how The Fahs Collaborative Laboratory for Leaders in Faith and Learning – housed at Meadville Lombard Theological School – might support your congregation/community’s work of multi-generational faith formation. Dr. Mark A. Hicks, director of The Collaborative, will share lessons learned from the inaugural year, plus model some of the collaborative strategies that hold promise for our Movement.

Why Teach UU History?

By exploring how our sense of history can help us shape our vision of the future in religious education, we will examine the many overlapping stories that connect us to our past and help us make sense of the present. Facilitated by Michelle Richards, credentialed religious educator, author, and congregational consultant.

Introduction to Reproductive Justice

Learn about the Reproductive Justice movement which seeks to create a world where all children are raised in safe and healthy environments, pregnancies are planned and healthy and a positive expression of sexuality. Presented by Gretchen Ohmann, Co-convener of Continental UU Women and Religion.

Personality Types in Congregations

Introvert or Extrovert? Rely more upon thinking or instinct? Explore the Myers-Briggs identity types and how they can help you better understand congregational life and membership integration. Presented by Dan Wiseman, congregational consultant and Membership Director for Countryside UU Church.

Conversation about Global Ends

Have you ever wondered what the UUA does? Do you have ideas about how the UUA could better serve our congregations and our faith movement? Now is your opportunity to contribute to this important conversation! The UUA Board is currently seeking input about the revised Global Ends of the Association and wants to here your ideas and feedback. Join us for a facilitated discussion with UUA Trustee Rev. Erik Carlson.

Afternoon Workshops

An Activist Congregation or a Powerful Congregation?

Does social action at your church consist of a small group of the same people trying to do lots of things making them burned out and frustrated? Come learn about a way of building your congregation as a community which creates energy, builds power and gets things done — together! Presented by Rev. Scott Aaseng.

Rooted in the Past: Reaching for the Future

Discover the best of what was, is, and will be about the ministry of your congregation. Using appreciative inquiry principles, we will explore the story of you and your congregation and link them to the future, helping you understand and create vision, mission, and purpose statements to dream a new future for you and your congregation. Facilitated by congregational consultants Mike Murschel and Rev. Denise Tracy.

Do the Math: Strategies for Divestment at Your Congregation

In his recent "Do the Math" tour, climate activist and founder of 350.org Bill McKibben talked about the scary math of climate change and what we can do now. He recommends that campuses and religious institutions divest from fossil fuel stocks. We'll tell you about how we are approaching this at First Unitarian Society of Milwaukee, and what you can do in your congregation. Presented by Terry and Bruce Wiggins, Mark Gill, and Rev. Drew Kennedy.

Envisioning Our Future

Take part in a visioning session for the future of transformative youth and young adult ministry and hear results of “Thoughtful Conversations” when youth and adults were invited to share their insights on what is needed for engaging and sustaining youth and young adult ministry. Facilitated by Nancy Combs-Morgan, Youth and Young Adult Ministries Coordinator.

Facebook, Google Chat, Tweets and More: How Social Media Can Be Used Effectively in Unitarian Universalist Congregations

Today's children, youth, and young adults have all grown up with social media and they expect to find it everywhere — even at church. Learn the best tools and how to use social media to attract new members and stay connected with current ones. Presented by Michelle Richards, credentialed religious educator, author, and congregational consultant.

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Don’t miss our annual Presidents' Roundtable (for all congregational Board Members) and Administrators' Roundtable (for congregational and district administrators).